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When in push/fold territory, you want to be the FIRST person to give action(Much easier to win hands heads up than against multiple players). Heads-Up Push-Fold Play in… You can’t consider yourself a Texas Hold ’em tournament shark (in multi-table or single-table formats) unless you have access to the Nash-equilibrium solution for preflop push-or-fold play, as well as all-in call ranges, when in heads-up. Scroll down for the details. Тренировка в школе покера PokerStarter: HU Heads UP Push

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D&B Poker | Magazine I was recently told about a poker hand that illustrates a few key errors that many amateur players make on a regular basis. Somewhat early in a $120 buy-in tournament with blinds at 200/400 with a 50 ante, a straightforward recreational player in first position raised to 800 out of his 12,000 effective stack and the player in the cutoff, who was loose and passive, called.

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Push/Fold Poker When Heads-up in SNG - YouTube In which Jeffrey "JGB146" Blake shares the first Grinderschool Short to be shared on YouTube. Several more poker strategy videos will be following in the ...

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Free Push Fold Charts and Poker Strategies! Free Push Fold Charts and Poker Strategies! Discover our proven formula the pro's use to win at online and offline poker! Proven FREE poker strategies to put your game to the next level. Strategy: Nash Ranges for the Push-or-Fold Play Good heads-up play is vital if you want to play SNGs successfully. As the blinds are usually very high by the time you reach the HU, you will mainly find yourself in situations in which you fold your hands preflop or push them all in - this is known as push-or-fold play. So-called nash ranges (NRs) play an important role in this context. SAGE Poker System for Heads Up Satellite Play? - Sit N Go SAGE Poker System - Works For Satellite, SNG And MTT Heads-Up Situations. While this article is part of the Poker Satellites section here, it can also be used for high blind play in normal 1-table tournaments. Sage works with a single prize, when you are heads up at the end of a SNG you are guaranteed 2nd prize as a minimum. Heads-Up Hold 'em - Galaxy Gaming, Inc.